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[ The Inner Mongolian CCP Committee General Office Papers ]

The Essence of the Party Central Committee instructions to Inner Mongolia

Documents of the CCP Committee General Office of Inner Mongolia

Telegram of the CCP Committee General Office of Inner Mongolia

NeiDangBan Telegram No.13[1994]


A notice about expanding the communicating and studying scope of the documents such as the essence of the CCP Central Committee instructions to Inner Mongolia and the summary of the discussion in the standing committee meeting of the CCP Committee of Inner Mongolia


To the CCP committees of all the leagues, cities, banners and counties:


All the committees actively organized discussions about the documents of “the essence of CCP Central Committee leaders’ recent instructions about maintaining the stability of the region” and “the summary of the discussions about how to carry out and put the Party Central Committee instructions to Inner Mongolia into effect ” after they have been dispatched to the committees. During the communication and discussions of these documents, all the committees reached an consensus that the instructions from the CCP Central Committee and the “summary” fully conform to the fact of Inner Mongolia. It has great importance and practical significance to conscientiously carry out and implement the CCP Central Committee instructions and the “Summary” spirit for the cadres work in all the banners to heighten their ideological understanding, distinguish right from wrong, prevent infiltration, fight with splittists, maintain social and political stability of the region, maintain our country’s unification and reformation development. To carry out the instructions spirit of CCP Central Committee to Inner Mongolia in depth, according to the decision of the CCP Committee of the Autonomous Region, hereon we send the documents including “the Communist Party Central Committee leaders’ recent instructions about maintaining the stability of the Region”, the No. 4[1994] “Summary” of  the standing committee meeting of the CCP Committee of Inner Mongolia and “About some situations of national splittists activities in Inner Mongolia” to you via telex. Please the Committees of all the Leagues and Cities transmit the above mentioned documents to party member cadres of section ranks in the departments directly under the Leagues and Cities and party member teachers and students of all the colleges and institutes. The Committees of all the banners and counties organize the leaders as a team to conscientiously transmit and study these documents and then on this basis gradually transmit them to party member cadres of section ranks to discuss. The Committees of all the banners and counties will timely report the transmitting and carrying out status to the Committees of leagues and cities in which they are affiliated with. The Committees of leagues and cities report the transmitting and carrying out status of the departments directly under them in written form to the Committee of the Autonomous Region before the end of March. This document shouldn’t be pirated or copied. Transfer these documents strictly in the requested scope and destroy them on the spot after transmitting.


Essence of the Communist Party Central Committee leaders’ recent instructions about maintaining the stability of the region


The CIA(the Central Intelligence Agency of the U.S.) is supporting the conspiracy of the Eastern Turkestan and the Great Mongolia behind the curtain. Their damage is certain. The key point is that we must keep sober-minded, especially the high-ranking officials must keep their mind sober. The high-ranking officials of the Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang must keep clear-headed. The stability of the border areas is essential. Watch out that the CIA might take infiltration activities through the border areas such as the Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. Pay special attentions that work under cover in sensitive areas. Don’t take it granted that everything will be fine since we are on the stage and we grasped the political power in our hands. Without stability, reformation is impossible and development is out of the question. If no reformation, there is no development and stability is also impossible. There are two prominent manifestations to affect the stability at current stage: one of them is the activity of infiltration, damage and disturbance taken by the hostile forces. The other is how to deal with diversified social contradictions. Local Party and governmental officials focus only on economic development and don’t grasp politics. They put emphasis only on material progress and don’t grasp cultural and ideological progress. It’s not correct. All levels of cadres must newly recognize the infiltration and public security issues. The issue about grasping with both hands are related clearly in the third volume of Selections from Deng Xiaoping. We must arm our cadres with the ideaistic weaponry. Especially, the cadres who work in hot spot areas must keep this kind of issues in mind. Rely on the mass. Exploit the advantage of combination of the special organs and the broad masses of people to full play. Crack down reactionary forces through combining the special organs with the masses of people. Attach great importance to the building of grass-roots organizations. Actively carry out the speech of comrade Deng Xiaoping and the policies and lines put forward in the 14th meeting of the CCP to rapidly develop economic, cultural and educational undertakings and enhance the life level of the people. At the same time, give the broad masses of people propaganda and education of patriotism and national solidarity. Do well in the work of national solidarity and narrow the scope  where splittists take activities to the maximum to maintain social stability. Enforce the education of Marxist and Leninist national viewpoint and the  policies toward nationalities to national cadres of Inner Mongolia autonomous region. Avoid partially emphasizing the particularity of the minorities in the policies toward nationalities and enforce the propaganda and education of the national solidarity of China. Give full scope to national cadres, especially high-ranking national cadres. It’s much effective to let them appear than Han Cadres when handling problems involving nationalities. Recently, there are some new trends in Mongolia. The committee of the CCP and the government of Inner Mongolia should prevent Inner Mongolians from attending the activities such as the world meeting of Mongolian possibly hold in Mongolia for the future. About whether openly criticize certain wrong viewpoints or not, ask for instructions from the Party Central Party. It’s the most important responsibility for key Party and government leaders at all levels to maintain stability. We must take a comprehensive administration means and arouse the masses in all trades and professions to take a responsibility to maintain stability. 


About some situations of national splittists activities


The CCP Committee of Inner Mongolia and the government have long been attaching great importance to national solidarity and national work especially since the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the CCP. The mainstream in Inner Mongolia is well, but the fighting between splittists and anti-splittsts never ceases. Especially in recent years, activities of “pan-Mongolianist” are aggravating and trend of thought of ultranationalism is spreading along with the upheaval of USSR and East Europe and intensifying of “Westernization” and “disintegration” to our country of Western antagonistic forces headed with USA. Activities of mighty few nationalists in our region are tending to be rampant. The nationalists collude with the overseas antagonistic forces, such as the Cliques of Dalai Lama and Aisha, and set up a variety of splittist organizations and put up a variety of destructive activities to try in vain to split the Inner Mongolia from her great motherland and establish “the Great Mongolian” . We notice the situations about the splitting activities happened in our region and destroyed national solidarity and national reunification as following:

In the fall of 1981, under the premeditated provocation of mighty few people, some people in parts of our region opposed the decision of the CCP Central Committee. They openly hoisted the ensign of safeguarding ethnic Mongolian’s interests and incited students to make trouble. Their slogan was to nationalize Inner Mongolia and expel Han Chinese.

In 1983, Buhe, who works in the Forestry Research and Sketch Institute of Inner Mongolia, wrote two articles under the name of  “Guzhi”. In these articles, he put forward to unify three north eastern provinces, Inner Mongolia and Asian parts of Russia as a unified nationality----Meng Lian Hua Zu. The Russian part is called ethnic Mongolian area, the Chinese part is called ethnic Mongolian and Chinese (蒙华) area and the Republic of Mongolia is called Mongolian area, and so on. On August 5, 1987, three persons of Yang Bin etc. of Xilingool league purposefully plundered a car and fled toward Mongolia. They consider that “Ethnic Mongolian lost their political and economic sovereignty after  establishment of  Inner Mongolia. They have been being dominated by Han Chinese.” February 20, 1989 through May 17, 1989, 183 sheets of propaganda sheet, which included 23 different slogans, had been found successively at 12 different sites in Huhhot City. In the slogans, they openly clamored “Han Chinese out of Inner Mongolia” and slandered that Inner Mongolia is “a puppet autonomous region” and is a “colony of Han Chinese” etc.. This results from the affect of bourgeoisie liberalization and anti-revolutionary turbulence of Tibet. On March 21, 1989, 21 sheets of reactionary propaganda sheet labeled as “the lighthouse” were found in left Ujumchin banner of Xiliin Gool League. It claimed “Inner Mongolia is not an autonomous region governed by Mongolian but a colony governed by Han Chinese” and instigated to say that “Loyal Mongolian brothers and sisters, we shouldn’t wait blindly for the crisis of wrack and ruin of we Mongolian. It’s time to wake up! Rise to our feet for the freedom of the great nationality and hometown! ”. On April 2, 1989, a material titled as “20 items of requests submitted to the people’s congress” was found in the campus of the Mongolian Language Academy of Inner Mongolia. The “requests” demanded that “Ethnic Mongolian should account for 80% of the commissioners or directors of the standing committee of the people’s congress of banners and more than 85% of leading cadres of the below banner departments.” It also demanded that “Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region” should be revised as “Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of Ethnic Mongolia”.

In 1989, Halha (one of ethnic Mongolian tribes) Mongolian residences of Alsha league requested to move to Mongolia under the support and instigation of the splittist forces of Mongolia and Russia. They requested Chinese government to treat them as “denizens of Mongolia”. Whereafter, parts of Buryat (one of ethnic Mongolian tribes) Mongolian residences in Ewengkh banner of Hulun Boir league moved to or stayed at Ukraine of Russia and never come back. In 1990, Huquntegus and Maglai, residences of Ih Ju league, etc. initiated to establish   “ethnical cultural association of Ih Ju league”, to carry out their splitting activities. They composed a reactionary creed, “the past, present and future of ethnic Mongolian Culutre”. In October 1990, an underground organization called “Justice” put forward that “ethnic Mongolian people in all over the country and the people of Han Chinese and other ethnic groups who reside in Inner Mongolia should hold together to fight for Inner Mongolia’s independence from the Chinese empire to drive away the occupation army of Peking government and establish an independent country---- Inner Mongolia.” In 1991, Altanbulag and Buyantogtah, residences of Bayannuur league, initiated to set up “ethnical modernization association”. In their “near future tasks of the Mongol nationality ”, creed of the organization, they put forward to realize the unification of the Mongol nationality in three steps. In April 1991, Menkhbatt, a teacher of the financial school of Xiliin Gool league, illegally composed and printed a publication, “Mongolian free forum”. In this publication, he falsely stated the relationship between ethnic Mongolians and Han Chinese under the socialistic system as of dog and master and the fact that Han Chinese came to Inner Mongolia to support the construction of border areas as devastation of Mongolian culture. He also falsely stated that “China has built up the reign of  majority Han Chinese”. In February and April 1992, two illegal organizations , “ethnical cultural association of Ih Ju leaue” and “Ethnical modernization association of Bayannuur league”, were found successively in Ih Ju league and Bayanuur league. They organized gatherings and lectures, distributed reactionary materials, established ties with inside and outside to secretly develop their organizations, openly opposed the leadership of the CCP and socialism, incited national separation and drum up “three Mongolia’s unification” under the signboard of making researches on “ethnical culture and ethnical modernization”.  In July 1991, the state safety department found No. 13[1991] top-secret paper, “the decision about the disposal of two illegal organizations of Ih Ju league and Bayannuur league”, of Inner Mongolian CCP committee general office and materials written by Wulaanshubuu, a teacher of Inner Mongolia University , under the name of “Inner Mongolian human rights alliance” among illegally carried materials of an English spy when they intercepted and captured him. On May 23, 1992, four organizations of “three Mongolia’s unification”, “Mongolian youth league”, “Buryaat league” and “Gong Taiji Demchugdongrob association”  secretly hold a meeting in the state library of Mongolia. Amguulang (prominent figure from Mongolia who takes “three Mongolia’s unification” activity) said “we take ‘three Mongolia’s unification’ as our principal purpose of the meeting and call on whoever has Mongolian blood in his veins all over the world to fight for the unification and rejuvenation of our Mongol nationality”. “ Presently, we have to change our manners of taking ‘three Mongolia’s unification’ activities. We should put great emphasis on giving publicity to the spirit of Khings Khan at the present time. We unify the Mongols from the thought and culture at first and then fight for the independence of Inner Mongolia and Buryaat and finally reach our purpose of unification.” said he. On May 27, 1992, “a letter to the people all over the world” , written under the name of “Inner Mongolian youth center”, claimed that “ ‘Gong Taiji Demchugdongrob association of free college students of Mongolia’ will actively concern and support the justicial fight of Inner Mongolia based on the principle of supporting Inner Mongolian youthful students human rights”. On July 27, 1992, “National Progress”, a Mongolian newspaper, published the full text of No. 13[1991] top-secret paper, namely “the decision about the disposal of two illegal organizations of Ih Ju league and Bayannuur league”, of Inner Mongolian CCP committee general office with the title of “Inner Mongolia getting rid of ball and chain”. On March 19, 1993, Chinggelt who fled to Mongolia in August 1987, had staged a sit-in in front of the Chinese embassy in the USA for 41 hours and 40 minutes to mourn for so called 150 thousand intellectuals forced to die since the establishment of PRC China. On March 27, 1993, “Ile Tobchi”, a newspaper of the Republican party of Mongolia, published a letter signed as “a delegate of the teachers and college students of Inner Mongolia”. The letter said “you (referring to Mongolia) should make great efforts to develop your economy, otherwise you’ll be annexed by China. We realize ‘three Mongolia’s unification’ and establish ‘the Great Mongolia’. Presently, Mongolian people in Inner Mongolia are bullied and oppressed by Han Chinese. Our culture, land and natural resources are taken up by Han Chinese. For example, Bogotu’s (Bao Tou in Chinese) iron and steel and Ereen’s oil field have been being taken up without compensation. ” On April 6, 1993, Temchilt (namely Xi Haiming) who fled to Mongolia met with Fukernuomant, German congressman and vice president of human rights and charity committee, in the capacity of a delegate exiling overseas of “human rights maintaining alliance of Inner Mongolia”. He said “Inner Mongolia established a human rights organization in 1987. There are over 20 members in this organization. Parts of the members exiled abroad and 7 of the members including huquntegus and Wang Manglai were captured and sent into jail. ” and he appealed the western countries help them. On April 13, a person who called himself as “chena” called to James, an English correspondent stationed at Peking, from the USA and said he was planning and preparing to register an overseas reactionary organization of Inner Mongolia in the USA. He said he was going to get people together and demonstrate in front of the United Nations . He also said that he was planning to establish a temporary organization office in Washington and publish a publication in English and Chinese. He requested James make a BBC special report on this plan. On July 3, His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave a birthday banquet at the Tibetan activity center in Switzerland. “Tibetan youth auditoria”, “Eastern Turkestan youth democratic league” and self-proclaimed as a member of the “national liberation alignment of Inner Mongolia” attended this banquet and decided through consultation to jointly hold a conference at the end of the year. Three parties decided to select and designate their own delegates to attend this conference and discuss how to support each other to jointly act and strengthen the “fight for national liberation”. On July 9, “the world Mongolian general meeting” was held in Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia. Seven Mongols in Inner Mongolia privately went to Mongolia to attend this meeting and two of them were elected as committees of the “world Mongolian league”, which are composed of 29 committees. Bimbasurung, president of the “world Mongolian league” and former prime minister of Mongolia, privately said that “all Mongols must unite and realize our ultimate goal----three Mongolia’s unification, step by step. To reach this goal, we must unify our language, culture and thought at first.” He assigned four tasks to establish Inner Mongolian branch in China. They are: firstly, get in touch with well-known personages and get them together under the flag of the “world Mongolian league”.  Secondly, take the responsibility of contacting with Mongolian and Tibetan committee of Taiwan. Thirdly, take the responsibility of contacting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Fourthly, take charge of cooperating with the “world Mongolian league” to contact with United Nations office. Temchilt (namely Xi Haiming) etc. distributed a material titled “we protest the oppression of China to Inner Mongolian people” at the meeting. In this material, he viciously said that “China is taking a genocide policy to Inner Mongolia” and “the tragedy of Indian people in America is being performed again in Inner Mongolia”.

In November, the “national liberation alignment of Inner Mongolia” headed by Temchilt, Dalai’s Clique and Aisha’s Clique jointly held a conference in Munich and issued their “Munich proclamation” to urge international society support the independence of Inner Mongolia ,Tibet and Xinjiang.

In December, an illegal organization, Chifeng branch of “Mongolian league”, was found in Chifeng teacher’s school of Mongolian language. The members of this organization were the students who were from Ih Ju league, Xiliin Gool league and Xinjiang and study in this school. They drafted “general principles, members constitution and work emphases of Mongolian league Chifeng branch” and declared that “Mongolian league with ethnic Mongols as its main body is the pioneer team of all states of ethnic Mongols. It is a loyal delegate who fights for the interest of ethnic Mongolian people. It is the leading core to realize the great cause of reunification of all Mongols. The ultimate goal of uniting is to unite all Mongols all over the world and mutually establish a luciferous and developed country----the Great Mongolia and make it become a politically, militarily and diplomatically leading country in the world”.



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