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Mr.Hada’s 16 years old son arrested in Huhhot City

[ Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center, July 6, 2001 ] In July 6, 2:00 am ( Beijing time), Mr.Hada’s 16 years old son, Uiles, a high school student, was arrested by 4 policemen of the local police department in the “ Mongolian Studies Bookstore” located on Zuun Ud Street, Shinhot District, Huhhot City, capital of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. The authorities’ reason of the arrest is “ to check his residential status” even though Uiles, a Chinese citizen also a legal permanent resident of Inner Monfolia, was born in Huhhot City. At the time Uiles was living in the store as guard-man.

The “Mongolian Studies Bookstore” was opened in 1989 by Mr. Hada, president of the Southern Mongolian Democratic Alliance, and his wife, Ms.Xinna. But during 1995’s arrests of Mr. Hada and other tens of the Southern Mongolian Democratic Alliance’s members and 1996’s sentence of 15 years jail to Mr.Hada for “ engaging splittism and espionage”, the bookstore was forced to close and afterward demolished. As a manager of the bookstore which was regarded as a “ black spot” of the splittists, Ms.Xinna had been detained by the authorities for 3 months.

In order to survive, Ms. Xinna had asked a permit from the authorities for reopenning the bookstore. In September 1999, Ms. Xinna finally re-opened the bookstore on Zuu Ud Street of Shinhot District, Huhhot City. Considering the store’s business, Ms.Xinna has established a readers group called “ Mongolian Studies Bookstore’s Reading Club”. Currently, the club has more than 200 members, and most of them are Mongolian college and high school students from different schools in Huhhot City. Considered as a very dangerous group, the club was frequently disturbed and its members were constantly questioned by the security authorities.

After 2 hours detention, Uiles was thrown on the street at 4 o’clock in the morning. When Uiles came back the store, the door was locked by the security persons. Few hours later, 6 security persons ( 4 male, 2 female) burst into the store again, and started taking pictures and recording video, rummaging everything. Uiles was threatened by the polices when he tried to stop the their illegal activities. After confiscating a photo album containing pictures of the “Reading Club” member’s activities, a booklet listing customers name and the Book Store Working Schedule etc., the security persons forced Uiles to sign his name on a pre-made document showing the names of the confiscated stuffs. The security persons also left another document which claimed that the “Reading Club” must be disbanded because of its establishment without official register and its illegal activities.

Accordingly, at that day, on the 6th, the Party and Youth League committee leaders of all universities in Huhhot called a meeting of students, and demanded that any students who were associated with the “Mongolian Studies Bookstore Reading Club” must quit the club, or else be denied their diploma upon graduation.

According to the reports of the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center, human rights situation in Inner Mongolian have been deteriorating. Just for example, a month ago, two Mongolian young musicians, Mr. Altanbulag and Mr. Badarangui, were arrested in Eastern Inner Mongolia’s Hingan Aimag, for distributing “splittism’s documents” to the local Mongolians; two months ago, another Mongolian young man, Mr. Dalai, also known as Bao Xiao Jun, was arrested in Western Inner Mongolia’s Linhe City, for the activities of celebrating Ginggis Khaan; Just a few month ago, a Mongolian young poet, Mr. Chingdalai, was detained and totured by the security authorities for publishing his poems with strong desires for freedom; a year ago, another two young Mongolian authors, Mr. Erdenuul and Mr. Narandalai, were detained and closely monitored for publishing different political opinions on their book called “ The Prisoners Outside The Prison”. All of the facts prove that the Chinese authorities’ high-pressure minority policy in this area have strongly evoked local Mongolians great indignations.



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