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To the Officials of Inner Mongolia Prison Bureau:

November 17, 1997


  Ten months have passed since my husband Hada was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment for allegedly involved in "splitting the country and spying". During this period, Hada has been consistently denied medical treatment for his illness and has been living under subhuman conditions. To make things worse, he had recently been physically abused by prison inmates due to lack of security measures in prison. As Hada's family members, we are deeply concerned about his safety and the inhumane treatment he gets in the prison. We believe this is a serious violation of basic humanitarian principles as well as relevant Chinese laws regarding treatment of prisoners. We are writing to you to draw your attention to and request immediate action on the following matters:

1. Hada needs immediate medical attention and he should be allowed to seek medical treatment outside the prison. Over the years, Hada had suffered from multiple health conditions. He had to take a year off from college to receive treatment for a lung disease. He continued to have health problems after graduation. He was diagnosed with cholelithiasis and heart condition soon after his arrest. After being transferred to Chifeng Prison, he often felt pain in his liver and developed dropsy due to lack of nutrition. Hada and I made numerous verbal requests for medical treatment of his illness, yet all pleas have been ignored. Hada has never had a medical exam since being transferred to Chifeng, let alone proper medical treatment. Out of desperation, I am appealing to you once more: please allow Hada to have a medical exam immediately so that his illness can be treated without further delay. We believe this is a very basic humanitarian plea! According to the Code of Criminal Procedures, Article 103, "inmates suffering from serious illness who need medical treatment outside the prison system should be allowed to do so". We request that you grant him this basic legal right of his.

2. We strongly urge the prison administration to investigate and punish those individuals who carried out the physical violence against Hada. We believe it is not a simple coincidence that Hada was physically abused by other inmates in November. Since his sentence, he has been sharing a prison room with twenty other convicted felons. One day in November, while he was having lunch in the prison cafeteria, Hada was struck by other inmates using bamboo sticks. This gives us a glimpse into Hada's surroundings. On behalf of Hada's family, I strongly condemn the barbaric act carried out by the prison inmates against Hada and I strongly urge the prison authority to take legal action against Hada's assailant and punish those responsible. I also urge the prison authority to take immediate action (such as reducing the number of inmates sharing a room) to prevent such incident in the future.

We do not believe Hada's sentence is justified. We have already appealed to the superior Court of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. We also have plans to appeal to higher level court systems until justice is served for Hada. In the meantime, we urge you to follow humanitarian principles and relevant Chinese laws, take our appeals seriously and resolve the matter as soon as possible.

Thank you!


Xinna, Hada's wife




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