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  China Holdings, Inc. Announces 100 Square Kilometers Land Development into "China Vegas": A World Resort City in Inner Mongolia, China


Sep 15, 2009

BEIJING & LAS VEGAS--(Business Wire)--

China Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets: CHHL), an asset holding company engaged in land and real estate development in China, announced today that the Company is developing 100 square kilometers of land into "China Vegas - A New World Resort City" in Inner Mongolia in the People`s Republic of China in the next 10 years.

China Holdings, Inc., as the Master Developer and the Master Planner, controls 800 square kilometers of land in Inner Mongolia in China. The Company has identified the central 100 square kilometer land parcels as thefirst stage of development for the "China Vegas - The New World Resort City" Development. The first stage of land development will accommodate a population of one million and provide a framework for future expansion to a population of 5 million.

The Company is in the development of an overall urban framework plan for the 100 square kilometer site, including: 1. A City Framework Plan (100 km2): proposal city growth area of one million people, resolved to a level depicting general land uses, transportation networks, district densities, open spaces, and retail, hotel, office/employment, and industrial floor space distribution (Scale 1:10,000); 2. Entertainment Precinct Plan (20 km2): A Master Precinct Plan for the designated 20 km2 of the City Framework Plan resolved to a detail depicting individual block parcels and building footprints including land uses, floor space densities, hotel rooms, office floor space, retail floor space, industrial floor space, landscape and an open space concept (Scale 1:2,500) and a statistical summary plan for the City Framework; 3. Resort Center Plan (5 km2): A detailed City Center Plan for 5 km2 central focus of the Entertainment Precinct depicting a concept design for a hotel, retail, and entertainment core. The City Center Plan will depict a Phase I hotel and retail program along with a conceptual parks, open space and recreational areas landscape plan. (Scale 1:250).

China Holdings' - "China Vegas - The New World Resort City" - Phase I Land Development will focus on the Resort City Central 5 km2 LandDevelopment (1-10 Yrs), including the development of commercial buildings, office buildings, residential development, shopping centers, casinos, and golf courses as well as horse racing facilities and recreation and entertainment facilities. The entertainment destinations include: five-star hotels, themed casinos, pedestrian skyways linking hotels to casinos, boutiques, restaurants; Theatrical destinations include: Broadway-style musical theater, Las Vegas-style floor shows, traditional Chinese theater, international and Chinese movie premieres; The sports destinations include: golf courses with a clubhouse and golf academy and bordered by 250m2 to 500m2 villas, soccer field and a soccer stadium, exhibition hall, stadiums suitable for Olympic events, tennis courts, equestrian center, car and motorcycle racing, horse race track.

China Holdings' - "China Vegas - The New World Resort City" - Phase I Land Development: the Resort City Central 5 km2 Land Development will also have a cosmopolitan flavor with the essential Chinese architecture landmarks combining architecture from many of the world`s great cities including Las Vegas, Paris, London, Rome, Venice, Vancouver, Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong, etc.

China Holdings' - "China Vegas - The New World Resort City" - 100 Sq Km Land Development is located near an existing brand-new airport, and served by advanced high-speed railway and modern highways. All of the required basic infrastructure has been built by the Chinese Government by the end of 2008.

Ms. Julianna Lu, the Founder and Chair of China Holdings, Inc., commented, "We are privileged to develop this 100 sq km land into 'China Vegas - A New World Resort City' in Inner Mongolia, China in the next 10 years. As we are creating a world event, a world resort city in China which will grow into billions & billions revenues city in the next 10 to 20 years as magnificent opportunities & contribution to The City, The People, China & China Economy, and to The World & The World Economy."

About China Holdings, Inc.

China Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets: CHHL),an asset holding company, controls a total of 800 square kilometers of land in Inner Mongolia, China. The Company engages in the land and real estate development, energy, and renewable energy businesses in China. The Company, through its subsidiary, China Power, Inc., focuses on the mergers and acquisitions, investment, research and development, construction, and operation of energy, renewable energy, and environmental protection projects, as well as developing renewable energy projects, pipelines in 2000 MW wind power plants/projects, 250 MW biomass renewable energy plants/projects, and hydropower plants in China and worldwide.

New versions of the corporate websites,, and will be publicly released soon.


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