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Chinese Defense Minister Inspects Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang Border

BBC Monitoring
July 21, 2006

Text of report entitled: "During a recent investigation and study tour of the border guards in Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang, Cao Gangchuan stresses the need to take the scientific development concept as a guide in strengthening all-round army building in order to make more contributions to maintaining security and stability in the border areas", carried by official Chinese news agency Xinhua (New China News Agency)

Harbin, 20 July: During a recent investigation and study tour of the frontier guards in Inner Mongolian Military District and Heilongjiang Provincial Military District, Cao Gangchuan, member of the Political Bureau of the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] Central Committee, vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), state councillor and concurrently minister of national defence, stressed that it is necessary to bear in mind our obligations and mission, comprehensively implement the concept of scientific development in army building, further enhance our capabilities to manage and control the border areas, and resolutely accomplish the tasks given by the party and people.

Cao Gangchuan pointed out: General Secretary Hu Jintao's important speech at the grand gathering to mark the 85th anniversary of CCP's founding and sum up the education campaign to preserve the advanced nature of communist party members is a programmatic document for further promoting the party's advanced-nature building. Party committees at all levels should take it as an important political task to study and implement General Secretary Hu Jintao's important speech. We should, by focusing on implementing the scientific development concept and carrying out the historic mission of our army in the new century and new period, strengthen the advanced-nature building, work hard to solve the existing problems in ideology, organization, and work style, and enhance the capabilities of party committees at all levels to implement the scientific development concept. We should proceed from the actual conditions of military units, implement the scientific development concept in all aspects of army building, and make every effort to attain real results to promote faster and better development of army building. We should, in light of the new developments facing army building in the new situation, conscientiously tighten border control and put into effect army-police-civilian joint defence and control to ensure the security and stability of the border areas. We should seriously implement the spirit of the All-Army Military Training Conference and raise the training quality of military units and their level of fighting capacity. We should enhance our political awareness and our awareness of the overall situation, carry out hard struggle, make selfless contributions, strictly abide by the discipline, and foster a good image in order to make new contributions to defending and building the border areas.

Cao Gangchuan stressed: Being very far apart from one another and doing highly independent work, the frontier guards should, in accordance with the Outline for Armed Forces Building at the Grass-Roots Level, do a solid job in grasping the grass-roots level and laying the foundation. We should persist in running the army strictly. Strict education, training, and management in peacetime will cost less in terms of blood in wartime. This is an important manifestation of the implementation of the people-centred requirement. Chairman Hu is very concerned about the physical and mental health of officers and men in the border areas. All levels should seriously implement Chairman Hu's relevant important instructions and vigorously improve the conditions of officers and men in terms of frontier guard duty, life, and sanitation to create a good environment for officers and men to defend the border areas.

Leaders of the General Political Department, the General Armament Department, and the CMC General Office accompanied Cao on the investigation and study tour.

Source: Xinhua news agency domestic service, Beijing, in Chinese 1221 gmt 20 Jul 06




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