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Official Met with Relative, but Dissident's Whereabouts Undisclosed

December 14, 2010
New York


Hada, Uiles and Xinna. One of five photos taken and released by the Chinese Public Security Bureau.  

Ms. Naraa, sister of Xinna, wife of ethnic Mongolian imprisoned dissident Hada, was summoned to meet with a high ranking official surnamed Jin from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau on the afternoon of December 14, 2010, Beijing Time, in Hohhot, capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (IMAR), China. This is the first time a relative of the family has been given an official response regarding the family’s current condition since Hada’s wife Xinna and son Uiles were taken away separately on December 4 and 5.
Mr. Jin, speaking officially on behalf of the IMAR Public Security Bureau told Naraa that “Hada, his wife Xinna and their son Uiles are safe and enjoying a quiet and happy family reunion in a five-star luxury hotel”.
“I personally assure you as someone of high integrity that they are safe,” Naraa quotes Jin as saying, “Outside it is pretty noisy and they need to have quiet time for a bit to plan their next step.” However Jin declined to disclose the location of the “five-star hotel” and how long “a bit” means. Jin revealed to Naraa that the five pictures anonymously posted on the Internet were indeed taken by the Public Security authorities and delivered to her by their dispatch.
Despite the assurances of Mr. Jin, Ms Naraa expressed concern about the family, “I am happy that they are most probably alive. But I still can’t be convinced of this until I see them with my own eyes or hear their voices with my own ears.” Naraa also was troubled by the authorities’ inconsistent and arbitrary way of treating them, “a few days ago they were accused of being involved in ‘illegal business’ and ‘drug dealing’. Now they are said to be enjoying a family reunion in a luxury hotel. Who knows, they could be taken away to separate cells shortly.”
Naraa’s request for a meeting with the family or at the very least to see a video clip with the family members’ voices and physical movement was duly noted by Jin for approval from his higher-ups.
700 miles away from the regional capital Hohhot, Hada’s uncle Mr. Haschuluu in Ulaanhad (Chifeng in Chinese) City, received a short text message on the evening of December 13, Beijing Time, from what appeared to be Xinna’s cell phone. The sender claimed to be Hada himself. Received around 11:00 PM, the message states:
“I have been released. My son Uiles has also been freed. We all three are together now. Don’t worry about us. I need to be quiet for a while to consider our future life. If there’s anything, text me. Do not use the phone which might be tapped.”
Haschuluu replied immediately:
“Where are you now? Where and by whom were those pictures taken? Who delivered the pictures to us? Don’t feel uncomfortable to give us a phone call. We really want to hear your voice. People outside miss you a lot. Especially your 84 year old mother-in-law is waiting in Hohhot to see you. If you can’t come over, is it possible for you to send your son to tell people that you all are safe?”
No reply. 30 minutes later Haschuluu sent his second message:
“Why don’t you text them directly? Isn’t it the best idea for you to call them up directly? If you can’t, please don’t ask me to forward your messages to them. Stop sending this type of message.”
Haschuluu has so far received no reply to his messages.
SMHRIC considers the continuing isolation of Hada and his wife and son away from their home, as well as their friends and relatives a forced disappearance. SMHRIC believes that this is an attempt by the Chinese authorities to silence the three given how consistently they have refused to cooperate with the authorities.
By doing so China is not only violating internationally accepted human rights conventions but also is breaking her own law that guarantees Hada's freedom at the completion of his prison term.
SMHRIC continues to be concerned about the family's safety and well-being, and urges the Chinese Government to free not only Hada, Xinna, and Uiles but also all other ethnic Mongolian dissidents who have been detained or put under house arrest for advocating the rights of the Mongolian people in China.




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