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Voice Contact Made with Hada's Uncle and a Second Video Clip Received by SMHRIC

Jan 27, 2011
New York




After numerous attempts on January 26, 2011, the New York based Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC) was able to connect by phone with Mr. Haschuluu, uncle of Mr. Hada, a prominent Mongolian dissident who has gone missing since December 10, 2010 after completing his 15 years jail term in the Inner Mongolia Jail No.4 at Ulaanhad (Chifeng in Chinese) City, China. This is the first time a relative of Hada's has been able to comment on Hada's condition since a blackout of information regarding the missing dissident and his wife and son was imposed by Chinese authorities on December 18, 2010. The brief 2 minute long conversation was abruptly cut off and numerous follow up calls went unanswered.

"I have been under tremendous pressure and it has been extremely difficult for me to answer your call although I have seen all the incoming calls from you," Haschuluu told SMHRIC when asked about the trouble connecting over the phone, "I was allowed to travel to Hohhot to see Hada at the Inner Mongolia Military Zone Guesthouse".

Haschuluu revealed that this meeting was arranged specifically at the military run guesthouse where security is tighter, but the actual location of where Hada is being held remains unknown.

"The Inner Mongolia Military Zone Guesthouse is the place we met but not the place where Hada stays. Where exactly Hada is staying is unclear, but I was told by the authorities that he is staying in an 'absolutely quiet' place," Haschuluu told SMHIRC when asked about Hada's whereabouts.

The last statement that Haschuluu made prior to the sudden end of the call was "Hada said he was told by the authorities that he would be offered whatever food he wants. But he showed no interest in any of the food being offered."

Four hour after the phone conversation, SMHRIC received a second video clip through its organizational email from the same sender ( who sent an earlier video clip, claimed to be of Hada, which was also posted on and YouTube on January 25, 2011.

Compared to the one received two days ago, this second video clip is clear enough to conclusively identify Hada (right) and his uncle Haschuluu (left) walking toward the video camera with several cars and a man watching in the background. Judging from the mirror captured at the end of the clip, the video was apparently taken from inside of a car parked close by the walkway they were on.

"Hada is by no means free. Had Hada been free, Haschuluu's phone conversation should not have been disconnected, and the family members should not have been separated. The whereabouts of Hada and family members are still unknown," commented Enghebatu Togochog, Director of SMHRIC, and criticized the Chinese authorities' arbitrary way of handling the case, "hiding in the shadows, like a clandestine mafia organization, the Chinese authorities have no confidence whatsoever of bringing up Hada's case to the public owing to their action of not only violating international human rights conventions but also trashing their own laws."

"What we can tell from this recent development is that Hada has survived 15 years in Chinese prison without being given a single day reprieve and is alive somewhere in Southern Mongolia," Enghebatu added.

"The fact that Xinna and Uiles do not appear in the videos suggests that the Chinese authorities are most probably holding them hostage in an effort to force Hada to accept their demands for cooperation," Enghebatu further analyzed, "the 'food' Haschuluu mentioned can be understood as the 'offers' Hada was given by the Chinese authorities who are well aware that Hada's rejection of their offers and the Mongolians' willingness to cheer for Hada's survival means a moral victory for the Southern Mongolians and a failure of China's repressive ethnic policy that has failed to conquer the mind and soul of the Southern Mongolians even with her formidable military and police force and booming economy."



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