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  Hada Held in "Luxury Resort", Xinna Sentenced to 3 Year Term, Uiles Kept under House Arrest
May 9, 2012
New York


Hada, son Uiles and wife Xinna had a brief family reunion in December 2010 in an undisclosed place before they were separately detained.

Mr. Hada, a prominent Southern (Inner) Mongolian political prisoner who had been held in a secret prison by the Chinese authorities since December 10, 2010 after completing his 15 year prison sentence, was transferred to a “luxury resort” in Uuhan Banner (“Ao Han Qi” in Chinese) of Ulaanhad (“Chifeng” in Chinese) Municipality in eastern Southern Mongolia.

According to Hada’s uncle, Mr. Haschuluu, who lives in Ulaanhad, Hada arrived in Ulaanhad on April 20, 2012 en route to Uuhan Banner. Haschuluu was allowed to meet Hada briefly in Ulaanhad under tight surveillance.

“I was permitted to have lunch with Hada in Ulaanhad on April 20 when he was being transferred to a luxury resort in Uuhan Banner,” Haschuluu told the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center (SMHRIC) over the phone describing the scene, “more than 10 state security personnel escorted him, and two identified themselves as doctor and nurse.”

After nearly 17 years of maltreatment in Chinese prisons, Hada’s health condition continues to deteriorate, according to Haschuluu. “Hada has been suffering from multiple illnesses including leg pain, back problem, stomach ache, and deteriorating vision,” Haschuluu told SMHIRC, “recently he has been experiencing frequent urination due to a kidney problem, making him wake up multiple times at night.”

Haschuluu confirmed that Hada continues to reject the Chinese authorities’ offer to free him and his family members under the condition of signing a paper admitting his “wrongdoing”. Exhaustively applying all possible harsh punishments including cruel tortures to him, arresting and detaining his family members, the authorities have switched their tactics to “soft tricks” offering him and his family members high paying jobs, expensive cars and luxury houses in exchange for their cooperation with the authorities.

“Hada is still not accepting any of the authorities’ conditions and refusing to sign the paper,” Haschuluu told SMHRIC, “he is insisting on suing the regional government and the public security authorities after being released.” Many high ranking officials of the Autonomous Region including the Director of the Autonomous Region Party Committee Policy Research Department have attempted to persuade him but Hada has remained steadfast in his position.

SMHRIC was also able to confirm that last month Ms. Xinna, wife of Hada, was transferred from the Inner Mongolia No.1 Detention Center to her bookstore warehouse where her son Uiles is kept under house arrest. Xinna was tried behind closed doors sometime in early April and sentenced to 3 years in jail with 5 years of reprieve on a charge of “engaging in illegal business” before she was discharged from detention. Xinna did not plead guilty and is preparing to appeal. Xinna was subjected to extralegal arrest and taken away by police from her bookstore a few days before Hada’s scheduled release date of December 10, 2010. No public explanation has been released regarding her arrest and detention.  

“Xinna is staying in her rented warehouse with her son Uiles in Hohhot since their house was confiscated and they have no home to speak of,” Haschuluu said when asked by SMHRIC whether Xinna is in her home.

Uiles was also picked up by the public security personnel from their rented warehouse around the same time when his mother was taken away. As a result of refusing to cooperate with authorities, Uiles was accused of “possessing drugs” and had been detained at the Inner Mongolia No.3 detention center for more than a year. A few months ago he was placed under house arrest. Uiles was also imprisoned for two years starting in 2002 on a trumped up charge of “robbery” when he was 17 years old.

In an attempt to silence the whole family, Chinese authorities presented two options to Xinna and Uiles after their arrests in early December 2011. Option one: good jobs, nice cars and luxury house and a special offer of a “beautiful girlfriend” to Uiles if they cooperate with the authorities and keep quiet; option two: arrest, detention and imprisonment.

“None of the three has accepted the first option. They are determined to sue the Government for the arbitrary detention, imprisonment and physical and mental sufferings inflicted on them during the past 17 years,” Ms. Hanshuulan, Xinna’s mother, told SMHRIC over the phone in another interview, “personally I also do not believe that they have done anything wrong.”



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